Analytic Theology: Theomathy or the Math of God

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Everyone has heard of 'Theology'. Some even study that subject in Graduate Schools of Theology.

But how many people know about Theomathy?

Euclid, the Greek mathematician who is most responsible for Plane Geometry, said, "The Laws of Nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God." 

Einstein said, "I want to know God's thoughts."

And then (among other things), he wrote down E = mc².

Just as 'Theology' means "the Word of God," we can define 'Theomathy' as 'the Math of God'.

What's missing in traditional Theology is Theomathy.

Here is a more astonishing example:

In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered the missing link in the connection between electricity and magnetism. He discovered that a magnet in motion can induce an electric current in a coil of wire. But it took a brilliant mathematician like James Clerk Maxwell, to work out the mathematical details of the quantitative relationship between electricity and magnetism.

Maxwell's Equations
Maxwell's Equations for the Photon of Light
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 Here are some of the links that we can draw additional material from ...


Randy Isaac suggested that when the Serpent presented an alternative perspective, the point was that an error function in the shape of a serpentine curve would indeed negate and ameliorate the warning in Genesis 2:17.

DK reminded us of Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables" which reinforces that view.

Moulton 1189 days ago

In a recent discussion in GC Science, Randy Isaac suggested that, in Genesis 3, the Serpent's innovative idea was that awareness of the axis of Good and Evil would not be so fatal after all, provided humans eschewed the dysfunction of disjunctions in favor of the serpentine blue curve that we today call the error function.

Note that in Genesis 3, the Serpent is characterized as the most crafty creature in Eden. 'Crafty' is a synonym for 'Innovative'. I wonder if the Serpent was feeling Alexithymic because of an unmet need for Empathy. Here is the rest of the story in which the GC Science discussion occurred.

Moulton 1189 days ago