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What's inside the Brain? What lives there? What's not living there?

November 15, 2020 by Moulton   Comments (1)


What's inside the Brain? What lives there? What's not living there?

Recall the name of the Dutch Airline, KLM — Royal Dutch Airlines. Let's use 'KLM' as our mnemonic. And let's just use the letter 'B' for the Brain that houses its residents.

Consider this mathematical equation:

B = K - L + M

So what are K, L, and M?

Let K stand for the scientifically accurate Knowledge — the True Knowledge that lives inside the Brain.

Let L stand for Lacuna — the gaps or missing parts of a comprehensive knowledge base — the empty room at the inn, the empty chair in the parlor.

Let M stand for Misconception — the crazy beliefs, the illusions or delusions. The "crazy uncle" who lives in the brain and spouts nonsense.

For any given Brain, there will be some accurate knowledge, K. And for every brain, there will always be stuff not yet learned, lacunae, L. And for most brains there will be some misconceptions, M.

The bugaboos, of course, reside in the Lacunae, L and the Misconceptions, M.

• How does one validate accurate knowledge, K?

• How does one recognize the gaps, the lacunae, L?

• And how does one recognize the misconceptions, M?

We want to increase K. We want to drive L and M to zero (meaning fill in the gaps and eliminate the problematic misconceptions).

What systematic method do we rely on?