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The Spirit of Becoming

January 16, 2015 by Moulton   Comments (2)

The proper name of the God of Moses is יהוה which means "Becoming."

That is to say, the Name of the God of Moses is nominally equivalent to an abstraction that, in English, would be "The Process of Becoming" (or just 'Becoming' for short).

What is 'Divine' in living systems is Becoming (e.g. the phenomenon of growth, transformation, and maturation).

I reckon it's unbecoming not to believe in Becoming .

The Process of Becoming is Awesome.

Let me elaborate ...

As a scientist, researcher, educator, and sentient being, I am fascinated by the following processes, which I seek to understand and participate in:

  1. The Process of Creation in the Cosmos

  2. The Process of Evolution in the Biosphere

  3. The Process of Enlightenment in the Noösphere

  4. The Discovery Learning Process in the Brain and Mind

  5. The Creative Process in the Arts

  6. The Problem-Solving Process in Engineering

  7. The Peace Process in Human Culture

  8. The Nurturing Process in Relationships

  9. The Healing Process in the Human Spirit

  10. The Process of Falling in Love with Life and People

I subsume all of the above under one umbrella term, "The Divine Process of Becoming" (or just 'Becoming' for short).

To my mind, it is unbecoming not to believe in Becoming.

Discovering, experiencing, understanding, and participating in these (and similar) processes not only makes me feel alive and engaged with life, it makes me feel connected to God, Orenda, or whatever you like to call your Higher Spirit.

I like to call it the 'Spirit of Becoming'.


Is God a Scientist?

November 3, 2010 by Moulton   Comments (4)


The book of Genesis tells us that mankind is created in God's image.

The Science and Faith Study Group is cromprised of eight scholars, all of whom have college degrees in some branch of science.

Euclid, the Greek mathematician who is most responsible for Plane Geometry, said, "The Laws of Nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God." 

Einstein said, "I want to know God's thoughts."  And then he wrote down E = mc².

The most difficult subject I studied as an undergraduate in Electrical Engineering was Electro-Magnetic Field Theory, which centers around Maxwell's Equations...

Maxwell's Equations T-Shirt from MIT

Maxwell's Equations T-Shirt from the MIT Coop

Genesis, Euclid, Einstein, Maxwell, and the clothiers at the MIT Coop all seem to agree. The Creator of the Laws of Nature was evidently a Scientist who spoke in many languages, including the language of mathematics.

Barry Kort